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About Mimi

Hello everyone. The reason that I am posting a page about who I am and how I ended up in this buissness is because I get asked everyday how long Ive been cleaning houses, how I got started, and what is so appealing about cleaning houses that I continue to do it 12 years later.

Well basically I had my first daughter at 16 years old and needed to work long before I would ever graduate highschool. I made a choice to be a mother and give up my childhood and at 16 who will give you a chance? where will I get a job? Well the answer is clean houses. You dont need to graduate highschool, and you dont need a car either.So I got a job at a big cleaning company who taught me everything I needed to know about cleaning houses. After a while a few great people told me that I could do it on my own if I took the time to make goals for myself. So I did.

I started out small with very few clients, but they loved me and became like family and that family sure did love to brag about having a cleaner! Before I knew it I was getting phone calls and setting appointments and making little buissness cards for myself. I had alot of help along the way, but nothing was handed to me .I learned what hard work is worth in the times that we live in. I now have 2 daughters, and want them to be successful and want to give them every oprotunity to acheive their own goals.

So here I am today still working just as hard but now I own something and I am proud. Today I look back at every goal I made for myself and know that I acheived them. Every few months I create another goal and right now it happens to be expansion! I want to hire a few more people, give them a chance like the one I was given because now even more than ever it is difficult to get a job, put food on the table or even keep your home. These are sad times for many families and the only way I can help is by getting a few people back on their feet. That is why I need you the consumer who is reading this page right now. Without you how can I help them? You looked at my website for a reason you have shopped the rates but you dont know anything about any of these companies that promise so much, but you know the important things about me. I left you with no questions of how I started my company or what I believe made me successful.

 So If your really interested in a cleaning company give us a call or an email and you will see for yourself that I am for real. All of us here at Mimi's Magic Cleaning work with 100% integrity.We are proud of our work and want you to be proud of your home.

Thank You In advance for your business. Please contact us via email at to set up your appointment today!

Mimi (owner/operator)

Mimi's Magic Cleaning LLC.