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Quotes Mimi ? thanks again. I am very pleased with the job you and Armond did today. Everything looks very nice and smells great. And just so you know, Isabella said she thinks you did a pretty good job. LOL So, here?s hoping WE can do business for 10 years or so. Thanks again. Karol Quotes
Just a simple thanks

Quotes Jenifer- Thank you so much for considering Mimi's Magic cleaning for your household needs. I have read your email and im very interested in seeing if we can find a way to help you out. Im definately going to need to meet with you in order to come up with a plan of action. I have this Thursday at 9am available, I could meet you at your home. Just let me know if this will work for you, and also please leave me a contact number and your address. Also i want you to know I completely understand how hard it is to keep a house in order even when your a stay at home mom, Ive been there and finding time for me was harder then ever because suddenly everyone relied on me for everything and I had no escape, I think it takes a strong woman with alot of character to ask for assistance, Im sure we will get along just fine. Also my phone number is 856-889-8855 in case you have any questions. Thanks MIMI Quotes

Quotes Mimi - Thank you for your prompt response to my e-mail. In between planting fall annuals, cooking dinner, laundry, preparing for another week of school and instructing my husband on how he can "help" (and that's only been the last 30 minutes :)) - I've found a few minutes to check my e-mail....but it sounds like you understand completely. Thursday at 9:00 AM is perfect! I cant wait to meet you! Quotes
Mom on the move

Quotes You rock!!!!!!! I knew it! I knew you were the one for us. It was the confidence and the assurance I felt come from your voice, which made me choose you. Your honesty was refreshing and now the job was second to none. I called you from California and asked for your help and you just took us on and did not let us go. You are a true gift, G-d sent (cleanliness close to G-dliness). I look forward to meeting you someday. All the best to you and your family, continued success. Blessings, Debbie Petaluma, CA Quotes
A true gift

Quotes Yes MImi did an awesome job AND she's coming back on a reg basis. Thank You Debbie & Morty and Emunah et al, for a thoughtful needed gift!! You made my day! Love - Adele Quotes
Greatest Gift !

Quotes Hi Mimi, You did a great job with the house. My husband and I were very impressed. Sorry it took so long. My actual due date is on the 20th. I'll find out this week whats going to happen. Before I say yes the dates work for me.. i want to wait till i have the baby..that way I dont tie up your schedule up either. Im thinking of having a cleaning right after the baby!!! We cant wait to see you again Thanks. Quotes
impressed !!
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