MImi'sMagic Cleaning LLC.

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About Us

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend cleaning your home? And how often you wished there was some "Magic Way" to get the cleaning and chores done so you could move on to activities you really enjoy?

Well Mimi's Magic Cleaning LLC. Has the answer!

Our rates are among the most lowest in South Jersey. We enjoy our jobs, and work with pride. We do not believe in having strangers in our home, so why should you? Our family operated company is the Magic you've been searching for.

Each time we come to your home you will see the same faces, no rotating crews, no strangers walking the floors of your home. we are Liscenced, bonded, and insured. We are professionals with personality!

We bring all of our own supplies with us there is no need for you to do a thing just sit back and let us show you what "Magic" looks like! We garuntee you will be beyond pleased with our work.

More and more people are searching for solutions to help balance work and their personal lives. The service and convenience we bring to our clients allows them the freedom to enjoy life, enabling them to spend their time with the people who matter most.

"Every one of our customers is different and special and we treat them that way. It's a relationship. In return they are loyal to us"

Ask anyone who has ever hired a company to clean their home if they had any bad experiences. Chances are you will hear some nightmarish stories of poor quality work, damage to property, and even theft.

That is why we can set ourselves apart from the rest.

Mimi's Magic Cleaning LLC. operates with Integrity. You will be able to sleep well at night knowing you hired us to manage your households needs.


                                                          Mimi (owner/operator)