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New Time Slots Open for In Home Wash, Fold, Put Away Laundry Service!

After over 2 Decades of cleaning residential homes I have come to realize that for Many Families LAUNDRY is the deciding factor of weather your home is clean and organized or just a plain old mess. 

How many Families have both Parents out working , Multiple children and teens involved in After school and sports activities ? So when life does what its supposed to do and makes your family live on the Go Go Go there is always that one thing that slows you down in the morning , or makes you stay up late at night. 

Dirty Laundry...That evil pile on your kids bedroom floor and under their beds, the baskets piled everywhere with tons of clean wrinkled clothing and you just grab out an outfit and hope the socks match. The constant search for the perfect outfit, and then the time to put it all away make those closets , dressers and laundry rooms all clean tidy and organized again. The time to actually do all of your laundry, wash , dry , fold, match socks, stain remove, rid the botched and holy underwear, put away the winter , seprate from the summer and vise versa, the Hanging and Drawer organization. The List is endless , amd even if you manage to get every single item cleaned , and put away inside your entire home today its all back again tomrrow multiplied by the amount of family members living in your home . 

So here is your chance to try out an entirely new In Home service and finally be able to say I know where every last matching sock actually is! For the first time in your life you wont need to worry about Airing out your own Dirty Laundry. You have Me here to do it for you!

Whats Included 

Weekly Service 1 day per week per home, minimum of  2 Hours cleaning time to a maxium of  5 hours cleaning time. 

Start times between 9am-11am ( available days Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

Collect Laundry from Designated locations and bedrooms  specified by client beforehand. 

sort by type and color and soilage  

Collect bed sheets if  fresh clean sheets are availble. (remake bed with fresh sheets).

Wash, dry, fold, hang  put away 4 to 10 loads of Laundry Depending on which cycle is needed for Laundry type and Soilage amount.  timing is very important the first few cleanings may take the full 5 hours to get you Laundry and home in order not all homes will be 100% back in order on the first cleaning it just depends on the amount and severerity of the Laundry issue in your home. Everyone is different there is no secret formula and no one is perfect. I will make this worth your time.

Pair up matching socks , remove holey socks and underwear ( which will be set aside with a note for Client approval) 

Return empty baskets to proper places, use in between laundry load time to Make beds ,wipe down and dust laundry room and clean Laundry room floors . If and When in between laundry load times permit I will courtesy clean downstaris guest bathroom. 

All hours inside the home will be utilized to clean and organize while waiting on loads. There will not be down time for the cleaner. 

Pricing is as follows. 

Regular Visit will Cost $